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Connecting tariffs is available and is being prolonged for new CDN clients. To receive the first connected month without traffic and storage limitations, it is necessary to deposit a prepayment in the amount that the chosen tariff is valued at. After the expiration of the unlimited month, the prepayment deposited will be used to cover the cost of the first month of service. Tariffs operate on a permanent basis.

When choosing CDN for video and large files (Video on Demand), an option for automatic orders and control of the services through a given website will be available soon.

CDN traffic overuse is $0.5/Mbps or $2.5/TB, Disk space overuse – $0.2/GB

What is Video On Demand CDN?

Video On Demand СDN is designed for streaming video of various formats (flv, mp4, 3gp, Full HD 1080p, etc.), both via HTTP and HTTPS. The service supports DASH / HDS / HLS / MSS for MP4 files and tsp: // for .3gp files on mobile devices.

Simultaneously, your content can be protected in at least 6 different ways. The service is needed by anyone who keeps videos or files on a resource that is larger than 20 MB, especially if the site users are located around the world! :)

In what units is the traffic measured?

The traffic is counted in TB, or in Mbps at 95%, both in the Anycast CDN service and in the Video on Demand CDN service. Anycast CDN.

CDN Presence

Advanced Hosting servers are located on four continents:

Amsterdam, NetherlandsAtlanta
London, Great BritainDallas
Madrid, SpainLos Angeles
Marcel, FranceMiami
Milan, ItalyNew York
Moscow, RussiaPassadena
Paris, FranceSeattle
Stockholm, SwedenChicago
Frankfurt, GermanyAshburn
Zurich, Switzerland
Sofia, Bulgaria (coming soon)Asia
Hong Kong, China
Lima, PerusTokyo, Japan

Do I need to change hosting provider?


In addition, the Advanced Hosting brand provides dedicated servers, colocation, cloud servers, domain registration and server administration. Please note if you need to setup additional services.No.

In addition, the Advanced Hosting brand provides dedicated servers colocation cloud servers domain registration and server administration. Please note if you need to setup additional services.

Will my content be protected?

Since the ordinary referrer check is almost useless (sending of a referrer header can be easily disabled by <meta> tag) so there are a few ways of protection :

  • URL signature (parameter /key=..,)
  • URL expiration check ( parameter ,end=12345678/ )
  • the list of allowed referrals or the list of prohibited referrals (parameter /referer=LIST/)
  • URL with IP (or range of IPs) binding ( parameter ,ip= )
  • unique (per visit) URL without specific IP binding but with limit of possible different IPs which will be granted to use this URL ( parameter ,limit=3/ )
  • cookie check ( parameter /sec=cookie_name/ , makes sense only if URL signed protection is activated )
  • there is is a possibility not to check at all

One of the best ways to protect from hotlink is to bind URL to IP of the browser and specify the list of allows referees. But about 10-15% of visits use dynamic IP (there will be a request to the website from one IP and from another one to CDN). to block hotlinking but allow access to users with dynamic IPs (or cookies disabled) vCDN have the following rule: if IP binding check fails, or cookie check fails, but VALID (non-empty) REFERER is found - then access is granted. You can also add a cookie check - if its value matches the key value, then the request is valid, even if there is no IP binding or no ref (if the ref is, but does not match, the request will be rejected).

If IP binding is not used, the absence of a valid cookie will not reject the request only if there is a valid ref. But to use a cookie, you need to :

  • delegate your subdomain to our NSs, so that we can use them in redirects to streams;
  • provide us with certificate * for redirects to streaming servers (in other case cookie check won`t work).

It is possible to specify a "white list" of addresses for which the URL signature will not be checked (setting the keycheck_whitelist on the client). It is done through the support team.

Where can I check out the API?

You can read the API documentation using the test access:

Login: apitest-manual

Password: manual

Does your CDN work with KVS?

We have a very wide experience in setting up servers and a CDN for working with KVS as we are KVS partners and we would gladly provide you with ready-to-use solution for your needs.