Use the best way to speed up the content downloading

  • Fast upload increases the site's position in Google search
  • Supports SSL/HTTPS
  • Anycast technology has made the service even faster
  • Free trial period

Advantages of «CDN for static content» from AdvancedHosting

«CDN for static content» service is used to enable the user to load static elements (images, JS-files, CSS and small archives) at higher speed rate, wherever the user is. I t is suitable for projects of any complexity, from personal blogs to highly loaded systems.

The use of our service has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • System stability and fault tolerance of your resource — if the server denies, then its place is immediately occupied by the closest network «neighbor». Thus, users do not notice any disruption to the site;
  • «Server-source» load reduction — while CDN servers are used to download content, the primary server is available;
  • High load speed — due to a large number of points of presence. Content is loaded many times faster, which positively affects search engine optimization and user relationships to the resource;
  • SSL/HTTPS support — free installation of the certificate and provision of a «wild-certificate» as necessary;
  • Anycast technology — using this technology reduces the network route, which reduces the response time of the DNS;
  • User-friendly control panel with API — connection to CDN service does not take much time;
  • Detailed statistics — usage statistics;
  • CDN is compatible with all popular CMS — Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, KVS, and other;
  • Individual approach — we select the optimal tariff taking into account all the features of your project;
  • Monitoring and support — our technical specialists fully control the process of migration and adaptation of your project to the CDN service;
  • Service autonomy — you can easily use the «CDN for static content» service for the projects hosted on the servers of another hosting provider;
  • Referral program — our clients can become participants of the referral program, through which you can cut costs and increase revenues.

The points of presence of CDN

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