Managed Private Cloud

Order dedicated servers and virtualize them with the help of our platform. Combine the flexibility of the cloud with the performance of dedicated servers and receive full isolation of your cloud infrastructure.

Advantages of Private Cloud from AdvancedHosting

Custom configuration of hardware

We will help you choose the optimal hardware for your project. You can pick between Intel and AMD CPU and choose SSD or NVMe disks from the best manufacturers of enterprise-level hardware.

Virtualization without limits

Create cloud servers with any configuration for maximal utilization of dedicated resources.

Dedicated Internet Connection & IPs

Each node in the private cloud has 2x10 Gbps WAN and 2x10 Gbps LAN connection with redundancy. Only dedicated IP ranges are used for Private Cloud.

CPU Overcommitment Possibility

Choose between shared and dedicated CPU models to maximally tailor hardware utilization to your business needs.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect your Private Cloud with the Public Cloud and receive a hybrid scalable solution for ultimate flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your project.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Our team of experienced technical specialists is constantly monitoring and maintaining your servers. You use the hardware, we make sure it works.

Individual equipment calculation

Private Cloud from AdvancedHosting has all the functionality of our Public Cloud

Additional Volumes

Mount additional hot-swap HDD or SSD volumes with double or triple replication.

Snapshots and Backups

Create snapshots of your servers and activate automatic backups.

Private Networks

Connect your infrastructure with the help of private networks to save on traffic, decrease latency, and maximize the security of your infrastructure.

Floating IP

Connect up to five public IP addresses on your servers, create servers without IP, transfer IPs between instances, manage PTR records, reserve IPs for your account.

Anycast IP

Attach the same IP address to two servers in different data centers and route users of your application to the nearest geographical location with the help of Anycast technology.


Use a flexible and easy-to-use firewall to manage inbound and outbound connection rules for your instances.


Easily track CPU load, amount of IOPS, RAM load, and traffic consumption on your cloud servers.

API & Automation

Manage your cloud infrastructure with the help of our comprehensive API or via our verified Terraform Provider.

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