Placement of equipment on its own technical sites in the data centers of the Netherlands and the USA.

Colocate from 1 unit. Contact manager for details.

Advantages of our service

We allocate server equipment to our own high-speed hosting sites:

  • Equinix data center in Ashburn, VA, USA.
  • SwitchDC data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Digital Realty data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As uplinks for our 1000+ Gbps network we use:

  • Level 3

  • PCCW Global
  • Cogent Communications
  • IPTP Networks
  • GTT
  • Multiple peering, both private and through traffic exchange points

Only the equipment purchased from AdvancedHosting is accepted for placement. This minimizes problems and time for their elimination. We undertake all the issues of organizing the infrastructure: from purchase to warranty service.

Advantages of our servers:

  • 1 year warranty for all equipment. Free of charge repair and replacement of failed components during the warranty period.
  • We always provide a replacement in case of a sudden failure of the equipment. Your project will not stand idle for days, waiting for the delivery of new components.
  • We take care of purchasing, delivery, installation, repair of equipment, contracts with suppliers, warranty servicing and much more.
  • We present 1000 Mbps of IP-transit to configure your communications at a new server rack.

Contact manager for details

If you have any questions, please contact our managers and they will try to help you: