Fast and scalable solutions. Fully controlled.

  • 99.99% fault tolerance
  • Fast NVMe SSD
  • Hourly billing
  • Transparent pricing

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Cloud Servers' Benefits

Private networks

Fast infrastructure

Private cloud

Flexible pricing

99.99% fault tolerance

Hot-swap Volumes

Fast deployment and scaling

The servers are deployed within 1 minute. When needed, you can easily upgrade server configuration.

Instant snapshots and weekly backups

Root access

Convenient management tools

Comprehensive API

24/7 support

Static external IPv4

Frequently asked questions

Where are AdvancedHosting cloud servers located?

Our servers are based in data centers (DCs) across Europe, the US, and Asia. Our DCs meet the Tier 3+ requirements.

Which operating systems can be installed on the server?

During the server creation, you can choose from the latest versions of CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and Debian operating systems. We do not support Windows.

Is server administration included?

Our cloud servers are designed for advanced users and do not include administration. If you need administration, this service is available for $50/hour.

Which type of virtualization is used?

Our cloud servers are based on KVM virtualization technology (Kernel-based Virtual Machine).

Is there any control panel?

Cloud servers come with a base image of the selected OS, there is no control panel.

Is it possible to order additional IPs?

We gladly provide additional IP addresses to verified accounts. Please contact customer support if you need additional IPs. The process of assignment of additional IPs includes server reboot. The cost of extra IP is $3 per month.

Do you guarantee CPU and other resources?

This product line is based on a shared-CPU virtualization model, but we do guarantee RAM and NVMe SSD resources for each cloud server. In the future, we are going to offer tariff plans with dedicated CPU resources.

How much do you charge for traffic overuse?

The price for traffic over-usage is $5 per TB per month. Please contact us to negotiate special conditions if you require a lot of traffic.

Are mail ports open for cloud servers?

Unfortunately, outgoing mail ports 25, 465, 587 are blocked by default. We adhere to a strict anti-spam policy and recommend using third-party services to send emails. If you want to open mail ports, then we are ready to do it for users who spent $100+ on the platform.