It increases the effectiveness of your resource

  • Reduced response time between client and server
  • Enhanced protection of your data
  • High level of reliability

The purpose of implementing «Anycast DNS» service

The main goal is to reduce the response time of the domain name. In practice, you can achieve fast loading only with all the components:

  • competent arrangement of databases;
  • sufficient resources for hosting, taking into account traffic and cumbersomeness of CMS;
  • speed of domain name processing queries and etc.

Most often, owners forget about the last parameter, which can result in inaccessible entire resource at the most inappropriate moment.

To ensure the fastest DNS response, Anycast technology «duplicates» IP in the network infrastructure, which allows processing of the request at the nearest point, rather than in a certain specific one. Thus, the route is reduced, and the speed of site loading is increased.

Continuous operation time of the network is 99.9%

Continuous operation time (uptime) is an important indicator of reliability. The higher the uptime is, the less likely the resource will be unavailable. Despite impossibility of actual 100% uptime, it is still possible to increase this time to the maximum degree.

Anycast DNS service from AdvancedHosting due to its principle of operation increases uptime of the network to 99.9%.

Use of our technology for your project will ensure elimination of a large number of failures related to routing problems since there are several options for sending information packets and inaccessibility of one node is no longer critical.

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